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Wind Of Change
Bài hát Wind Of Change ca sĩ Susan Wong, Thể loại Love songs.Tải download bài hát Wind Of Change MP3 miễn phí tại nhac.vui.vn
Susan Wong

Wind Of Change - Susan Wong

Nhạc sĩ: Susan Wong
Thể loại: Love songs
Lượt nghe: 54,455

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Wind Of Change

Lời bài hát: Wind Of Change - Susan Wong

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Wind Of Change

Wind of change until the end
You will see that I will be your friend
If you believe I'm heaven-sent
Stay and I'll forever be your friend

You're my lover and my man
You can see the writing in the sand
Lover as it's in the air
I will hold you and we'll be a pair

Standing at heaven turn
You must be heaven-sent
Our dreams must be made of this
I just can't let go
I just have to hold your hand

You will ever and forever be my man
and I will ever and forever be your friend
So this will be true my love for you
Time will then forever take a stand

You must ever and forever be a friend
I have this feeling that will never can pretend
Together we'll be strong, this can't be wrong
And dream like these were meant for us to hold
We'll always be so.
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