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Throw Away (Phạm Anh Khoa)
Bài hát Throw Away (Phạm Anh Khoa) ca sĩ Nhiều Ca Sĩ, Thể loại Rock Việt.Tải download bài hát Throw Away (Phạm Anh Khoa) MP3 miễn phí tại nhac.vui.vn
Nhiều Ca Sĩ

Throw Away (Phạm Anh Khoa) - Nhiều Ca Sĩ

Nhạc sĩ: Đang Cập Nhật (VN)
Album: Mtv Exit (Mp3)
Thể loại: Rock Việt
Lượt nghe: 1,799

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Throw Away (Phạm Anh Khoa)

Lời bài hát: Throw Away (Phạm Anh Khoa) - Nhiều Ca Sĩ

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i got a damn hot life, all i wanna do is nothing but cry
waiting for the day for a rather day. i\'m going for the wait try to find a better place.
but it\'s so far, it takes me so long
the way that i\'m going is getting so wrong. take it as a changing
i dont wanna waste, it\'s end up for now, it\'s my fate

i live with life everyday i live, seems like it\'s never end
promises i\'ve broken i keep breaking it from after day

dont u say it\'s ok, i dont want live this way
why (is) life is so hard, i just want a new start
throw away
all the bad memories that i had in the past
throw away
all the waste in my whole life until nothing is left

i\'m so tired to be what they want
now i\'m looking back all the things that i\'ve done
i just wanna fly high above the sky
throw away all the bad things
see the light
i\'m so tired to the thing they do
they\'re just wanna run me down, treat me like a fool
i wanna change, be myself at last
become a big star, throw all my own past

i\'ve dream that i become a star
but that\'s still so far
i have to wait until my day comes
why it\'s so hurt
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