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Melody (Saxophone)
Bài hát Melody (Saxophone) ca sĩ Nhạc Phim QT, Thể loại Phim Nước Ngoài.Tải download bài hát Melody (Saxophone) MP3 miễn phí tại nhac.vui.vn
Nhạc Phim QT

Melody (Saxophone) - Nhạc Phim QT

Nhạc sĩ: Nhạc Phim
Album: Cheeni Kum (2007) (OST)
Thể loại: Phim Nước Ngoài
Lượt nghe: 1,219

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Melody (Saxophone)

Lời bài hát: Melody (Saxophone) - Nhạc Phim QT

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Yeah, Melody
I just wish that I could hold you
While you're slipping through my fingers, as I'm playing the piano,
What is that sound it sounds so beautiful
And I just wanna be close to you
Close enough that I can feel you
I'm already wondering where you are
And it sounds like it's coming from my guitar.

Melody, said that I love you
Melody, said that I adore you
Melody, said that I need you
You can call me foolish and i might be but I'm in love with a melody.

Donnie and Stevie they can write you
Now you come humming in my write too
As the music's playing in my radio
I hear that sound it sounds so beautiful
It makes me wanna just embrace you
Your close enough that I can taste you
I know just where you are caus your right here next to me.


[Guitar solo]

[Chorus till the end]
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