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Can't Let Go
Bài hát Can't Let Go ca sĩ Tokyo Square, Thể loại Nhạc Tổng Hợp.Tải download bài hát Can't Let Go MP3 miễn phí tại nhac.vui.vn
Tokyo Square

Can't Let Go - Tokyo Square

Nhạc sĩ: Tokyo Square
Album: Greatest Hits (Tokyo Square HOT)
Thể loại: Nhạc Tổng Hợp
Lượt nghe: 125,185

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Can't Let Go

Lời bài hát: Can't Let Go - Tokyo Square

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Only you know how I feel
Only you know what I miss
Can't you see you're just what I need

After all that we've been through
After all I've done for you
You should know my love is for real

Am I asking for too much
Am I waiting for too long
All I need is your tender touch

Don't you know I'm on my knees
Don't you know I'm begging please
Won't you take a look at me now

No matter how hard I try
Can't get you off my mind
I just don't know what to do to have you back here again
I can't let go, can't let you know
I'm trying don't you know
All my love goes to show
I can't go on without you
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